Current Needs

We need a used utility vehicle – an older SUV or   pick-up truck in fair to good condition.

In the last month our 2007 Ford Escape SUV— which had been given to us by a former live-in volunteer became disabled and we donated it to the Kidney Foundation in honor of two of our men who died from advanced kidney disease, and another former resident who is currently undergoing treatment. The 2007 Honda CRV — also donated — will not pass inspection again due to severe rusting of the undercarriage.

We have replaced the Ford with a 2016 Jeep Compass but we are still in need of another vehicle to be used for transporting equipment and supplies, etc., and for general use around the grounds. If anyone is interested please give Steve a call at (315) 298-6215, or send us an email at



At the moment, happily, our pantry and clothing room are both abundantly stocked.

However, we are in need cleaning supplies, especially:

  • Liquid Laundry Detergent
  • Pine Sol (or similar products)
  • Cleaning products (such as Fantastik, Clorox in spray bottles, and so on)


Finally, there are 12 cats in residence here, so we can always use Cat Food and Cat Litter.