September 12, 2010

Almost a month has gone by since our annual Out-door Mass & Picnic. The skies threatened but rain held off until almost 2:30 pm and even thenmany lingered under the trees and many were still in the dining room. Our hats go off first of all to our kitchen staff and helpers who worked many hours and put on another beautiful meal. Thanks guys and Helen for the great food and to your cleanup crew for their dedicated work. Every year we say its been the best yet and it might just have beenagain! The celebration began shortly before noon with Mary Agnes and Jan gathering us in song and then the McCarthy family leading us Here in this place, here in our lives, our God is here. We then proceed with our Mass and its theme of Perseverance with the bounty of our vegetable garden as its focus, Inch by inch, row by row, Someone bless these seed we sow, Someone warm them from below.

Our reading from the letter of James speaks of patience:  see how the farmer is patient waiting for the land to produce precious crops, so we must keep our hopes high, for our Lord is coming as we then sang these words of James as our Responsorial Psalm. Our second reading from Paul’s letter tothe Romans again reminds us of having endurance which brings God’s approval and God’s approval creates hope.

The Gospel proclaimed (both from Luke 8 and Mark 4) was of the Mustard Seed, the smallest of seeds which eventually grows to become the biggest of plants we compare with our huge Rose of Sharon plants gracing the frontof our main building, ‘B’ Building.



During the offertory on this feast of the Assumption, we pay tribute to Mary, our Blessed Mother, with the beautiful “Hail Mary, Gentle Woman”: Gentle woman, quiet light, morning star, so strong and bright, gentle Mother, peaceful dove, teach us wisdom, teach us love.

At Communion time we ask God to give us peace, Dona Nobis Pacem, peace for all, like a river running freely, and our Liturgy comes to a close as we all join in The heavens are telling the glory of God and all creation is shouting for joy.., Marty Haugen’s “Canticle of the Sun”.


After Mass, many stopped in to visit our Sacred Heart Chaprel, newly renovated by our men this past winter andspring and are surprised and impressed with our latest part of the renovation, a beautiful cabinet crafted by Ed D. which contains some of Father McVey’s belongings as well as reminders of Kate Stanton, Carol Guthrie and Brother Marcellus (Bill Spurrier).

To name all that contributed to making this annual event another great success is impossible. For every name that we know, there are those who slipped in with their contribution without us getting their name. To all who helped in any way, we offer our most sincere appreciation.

Peg McCarthy