50th Anniversary–1969-2019

Unity Acres’ Annual Family Picnic was held on August 19.  Our celebration and Mass that Sunday were dedicated to the memory of our long-time chaplain, Father Robert Jones, who died on July 22, 2018.  We also remembered in our Mass Fathers Ted Sizing and Moritz Fuchs, both long time friends of the Acres.

August 19 was also a beginning of our celebration of our up-coming 50th anniversary year.   The tabs below open to three newsletters from our 20th anniversary year, in which our founder, Father Raymond McVey, describes beginning Unity Acres in March 1969….

‘Miles to Go Before I Sleep’

As we continue through Unity Acres’ 50th Anniversary year, we hope to include additional newsletters, pictures, and so on.  Please check back from time to time.  In the meantime, we are posting below a link to video clip taken from a student film project, ‘Miles to Go Before I Sleep’, which was filmed in the early 1970s, and describes Unity Acres in its early days.

Miles to Go Before I Sleep, Clip 1

Miles to Go Before I Sleep, Clip 2

[Link opens YouTube]